What's not allowed in a ChipDrop delivery?

None of the following items should be included in a ChipDrop load:

  • logs (unless the gardener has specified that they accept logs)
  • more garbage than you could pickup with two hands
  • large rocks over 1"
  • any wood species that the gardener has specified they do not accept
  • un-chipped brush or woody material that is over 5% of the entire load. This includes long, shredded or stringy chips that have been processed by a poorly adjusted chipper. Check your anvil and blade gap and make sure it's adjusted correctly.
  • dirt, grass clippings, rocks, or any landscaping or fill materials
  • stump grindings (unless the gardener has specifically said they will accept stump grindings
  • construction waste, including plywood, lumber, nails and screws, etc.

As an arborist, you may have bad loads from time to time that do not meet ChipDrop's requirements. Also, if your chipper blades are dull, or the blades are not adjusted correctly, you may produce a stringy, shredded material that is not appropriate for delivery at ChipDrop sites. Any time you have a 'bad load', please dump it somewhere else.

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