What's allowed in a ChipDrop delivery?

The homeowners and gardeners who sign up for the ChipDrop service may request wood chips, logs, or a mix of the two.  Wood chips and logs are the only materials that we allow arborists to deliver through our service.

When your truck is full and you need to empty it, pull up the website at getchipdrop.com and log into your account.  When the map comes up, use the filtering option to select the load that best describes what is in the back of your truck.  Your options are:

  • Wood chips only
  • Wood chips with a few logs (less than 10% of the load is logs)
  • Wood chips with many logs (more than 10% of the load is logs)
  • Logs only

After you select the option that describes your load, you will see sites on the map that are requesting that type of material.

In addition to wood chips and logs, your load may also contain:

  • A small amount of unchipped brush (less than 5% of the load) to accommodate any rakings at the end of the job that you didn't want to pass through the chipper
  • A small amount of trash or small rocks (no more than you could hold in your hands).  Again, this is to accommodate your crew cleaning up the job site.

Please be respectful and keep the trash and unchipped brush to a minimum.  Homeowners and gardeners are usually very sensitive to this, although we do warn folks in advance that they should expect some of these materials.

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